Event Type: 1-1 Zoom Meeting

Event Date: 14th December 2021 (Tuesday)

Industry: K-Food, K-Beauty, M&E, Heavy Machineries

Registration Before: 8th December 2021

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open to ASEAN companies only

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Advisor Honorarium: Eligible Buyer with Advisor Role will receive an HONORARIUM for taking part in the event.

Company Name
Feature Products
1Sangddalgi Dakcomwww.sanddalgi.com1. Organic Raspberry Vinegar Drinks
2. Organic Raspberry Jam
3. Organic Raspberry Dressing Vinegar
2Esan Globalwww.esanbio.com1. Citron Powder
2. Yuzu Juice
3. Honey Grapefruit Tea
4. Honey Ginger Tea
5. Passion Fruit Lemon Tea
6. Passion Fruit Citron Tea
7. Sweet & Sour Citron Tea
8. Honey Jujube Tea
3Good Rice Cakewww.goodricecake.com1. Black Sesame Injeolmi (Rice Cake)
2. Bean Injeolmi
3. Honey Milk Dough,
4. Honey Sweet Pumpkin Snowgi
4Ecomom Mealwww.ecomommeal.co.kr1. Rice Chips
2. Rice Sticks
3. Fruit Chips
4. Puree
5. Pudding
6. Chestnut
7. Soy Sauce Braised Meat
8. Balloon Flower Pear Juice
9. Dried Persimmons
5Uporice Techwww.uporice.com1. Germinated Brown Rice
2. Brown Rice
3. Brown Rice Processed Food
6Daekwang F&Gwww.dkfng.com1. Poggi Kimchi
2. Jungbu Shikpogi Kimchi
3. Bachelor Kimchi
4. Dongchimi
5. Fresh Kimchi
6. Flavored Kimchi
7. Busan Bul Kimchi
8. Kkakdugi
9. Kimchi Seasoning
7Haeser Productwww.haeser-cnt.com1. Dried Sea Cucumber
2. Soy Sauce Marinated Abalone
3. Dried Abalone
8Seawellwww.seawell.kr1. Salmon Protein Bar
2. Shrimp Protein Bar
3. Pollack Protein Bar
4. Aged Salmon
5. Salmon Steak
6. Low Salted Pollack Roe
7. Tongyeong Oyster
8. Frozen Congor Eel
9KB Cosmeticwww.kbcosmetics.com1. Cosmetic OEM & ODM
2. Functional Cosmetics
3. Medical Cosmetics
10BJ Silkwww.bjsilk.kr1. Skincare
11Cantuswww.tooche85.com1. Smart Semi-Permanent Makeup Device
12Andmadewww.andmade.co.kr1. Sports Joint Patch
2. Whitening Microneedle Patch
3. Acne Soothing Patch
13SM Techwww.mysmt.co.kr1. Gasket Neoprene Rubber
2. Gasket Ecowool Paper
3. Gasket PVC Foam Seal
4. Fire Flexible Duct
5. Butyle Rubber Tape
6. Marine Flex System
7. Fire Silicone Sealant
8. Marine Fire Stopping Products for Pipes
14Loesswww.loesspaper.com1. Smokeless Ceramic Cooking Paper
15ForceTecwww.force-tec.co.kr1. Fluid Control Device
- Air-Cooling Unit
- Air Jet Injection
16Samil Heavy Industrieswww.0031.co.kr1. Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps
2. Concrete Placing Booms
3. Stationary Trailer Pumps
4. Parts & Accessories


Should you require further information or assistance, kindly email to Jerena Chun at jerena@coasean.com | info@coasean.com