SINGAPOREKorea Yong-In Business Matching 2022

Event Type: 1-1 Zoom Meeting

Event Date: 27th ~ 30th June 2022

Industry: K-Beauty, Baby Products, Homeware, Industrial Goods

Registration Before: 24th June 2022

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open to ASEAN companies only

Registration Links: Click Here

Company Catalog: Click Here

Advisor Honorarium: Eligible Buyer with Advisor Role will receive an HONORARIUM for taking part in the event.

Company Name
Meeting Date
Feature Products
1FD Fivewww.fdfive.co.kr27th June (Monday)1. Organic Liquid Fertilizer
2Semingigong Co., Ltdwww.smcoat.com28th June (Tuesday)1. Floor Polishing System
2. Floor Nonflammable Coating
3. Floor Grinder
4. Resin Pad
5. Vacuum Cleaner
6. Floor Eco Mortar
3Jaycorpwww.sundayhug.com27th June (Monday)1. Baby Clothes
2. Baby Swaddles
3. Bbay Pillow
4HB GlobalN/A28th June (Tuesday)
1. Laundry Detergent
2. Kitchen Detergent
5Lumirwww.lumir-inc.com28th June (Tuesday)
1. SAR Satellite System
2. SAR Payload
3. Satellite Onboard Equipment
6NETFwww.bmarine.kr28th June (Tuesday)
1. Inflatable Life Saving Tube
7Dongyang Chemicalwww.dyckorea.biz29th June (Wednesday)1. Airtight Container
2. Kitchenware
3. Storage Organizer
4. Water Bottle
8A&D Lightingwww.alcorea.com30th June (Thursday)1. LED Display
2. Parking Guidance System
3. LED CCTC Signage
9J Solutionwww.j-solution.co.kr/en28th June (Tuesday)
1. Semiconductor Consumable
- Heating Jacket
- Heat 3-Way Valve
- Powder Moving System
- Exhaust Line Pressure Detector
- Hot Gun
- Flexible Heating Pipe
10Seonewww.seone.com30th June (Thursday)
1. Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
2. Water Purifier


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