SINGAPOREKorea Chungbuk Online Overseas Trade Business Meeting

Event Type: 1-1 Zoom Meeting

Event Date: 11th August 2022 (Thursday)

Industry: K-Beauty, Baby Products, Homeware, Industrial Goods

Registration Before: 1st August 2022

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open to ASEAN companies only

Registration Links: Click Here

Company Catalog: Click Here

Advisor Honorarium: Eligible Buyer with Advisor Role will receive an HONORARIUM for taking part in the event.

Company Name
Feature Products
1Beauty CosmeticN/A1. Hydrogel Mask Pack
2Davichi Agricultural Corporationwww.davichifarm.com1. Korean Ginger & Jujube Tea
2. Prune & Apple Juice
3Sun & Doowww.sundoo.co.kr
1. Corn Sausage
2. Apple Sausage
4Namsun GTLwww.nsgtl.co.kr1. Honeyed Korean Red Ginseng Slices
2. Honeyed Korean Red Ginseng Roots
3. Acai Berry
4. Kid Tonic
5. Atofine Soap
5HaesarangN/A1. Traditional Seasoned Laver
2. Seasoned Laver with Olive Oil
3. Roasted Green Laver
4. Onnara Bamboo Salted Gwangcheon Laver
5. Roasted Kimbab Laver
www.goldnairlon.com1. Reflective Air Cap Insulation
2. Duct Insulation
3. Room Mat
7OldamN/A1. Baby Wipes
2. Soft Embossing Baby Wipes
3. Portable Monstera Baby Wipes
8High BossN/A1. Pure Toner
2. Pure Lotion
3. Pure Cream
9Hanwoongwww.hanwoong.co.kr1. 3-Step Mask
2. Eye Patches Pack
3. Nose Cleansing Strip
4. Water Lock Band
5. Hill Pack
The Mom
1. Scorched Rice
11Insanwww.ist21.com1. Antibacterial Multipurpose Mesh Net Scrubber
2. Antibacterial 3 Fold Soft Sponge Scrubber
3. Stainless Steel Scrubber
4. All In One Scrubby Sponge
5. All In One Scrubby Cloth
12GNS Globalwww.gnsglobal.kr1. Dr. Alkastone Water Bottle
2. Bacteria Sterilizing Electrolyzed Water Generator
13SaongwonN/A1. Kimchi Pancake
2. JapChae
14Aunt Maeng's Foodwww.manghong.co.kr1. Korean Red Ginseng
N/A1. IlPoom Seasoning
2. 1 second Seasoning
16Biopolytechwww.biopolytech.com1. Skinua Collagen
17Dermal Koreawww.dermalkorea.com1. Collagen Essence Mask
2. It's Real Superfood Mask
3. Food Peeling Mask
4. Aloe Vera Gel
5. Collagen Ampoule Duo
6. Black Charcoal Clearing Peel-Off Mask
7. Greeen Tea Tree Calming Peel Off Mask
18FanipinkoreaN/A1. High Zet Total Solution Mask Pack
2. New Conceptual Mask Pack
19LexbeauxzmieN/A1. Amie-S2 Ampoule
20Baekjo SinkN/A1. Premium Sink
2. SIngle Lay-On Sink
3. Double Lay-On Sink
21Dr. Chung's Foodwww.vegemil.co.kr1. Soymilk
2. Black Bean Soymilk
3. Almond & Walnut Soymilk
4. Senior Soymilk
5. Infant Soymilk
22Chowol Red GinsengN/A1. Red Ginseng Stick
2. Red Ginseng Candy
3. Red Ginseng Jelly
23Eco-Onwww.j-farm.co.kr1. Citrus Shampoo
2. Citrus Lotion
3. Citrus Body Wash
4. Citrus Conditioner
24Han Baek Foodwww.hanbaekfood.com1. Roasted Laver Flakes
2. Slim Seaweed Snack
25Haneolnuriwww.haneolnuri.com1. Solar Power Controller
2. LED
26Chungho Naiswww.chungho-global.com1. Chungho Espre Caffe
27Medipluswww.mediwater.co.kr1. Mediplus Medi-Spray
28Da JungN/A1. Black Ginseng
29Seyon ImpexN/A1. Fulgreen Dumplings
30HaneultteulN/A1. Red Pepper Powder
2. Sesame OIl
31Redbookerswww.redbookers.net1. Base Scalp Solution
2. Hi Scalp Solution
3. SD Scalp Solution
32Fromthenaturewww.dr-atozia.com1. Mask Trouble Care Mist
33Philmecawww.usonearth.co.kr1. Us On Earth
34Goldenhourwww.goldenhour.co.kr1. Rescue Carrier for One Person
35Chunwoo PharmacetuicalN/A1. Lee Myung-Rae's Plaster
36Yuvencowww.ydlove.co.kr1. Pure Nature Peach Juice
2. Red Ginseng & Grape Juice
3. Natural Apple Juice
37HP&Cwww.hpnc.co.kr1. Bio-Repair Wrinkle Toner
38SoonsoobaramN/A1. Purism-Zero
39East Sea FoodsN/A1. Anchovy
2. Sea Tangle
40Jukri Native Foodwww.jukri.com1. Cheonggukjang Seasoning
41JoeunN/A1. ABC Juice
2. Centella Juice
42Amicell Internationalwww.amicell.co.kr1. Skin Balancing Toner
2. Diamond Eye Cream
3. Wrinkle Solution
4. Skin Essence Mist
5. Collagen Powder
6. Lift Ampoule Pack
7. Beauty Serum
8. Relaxing Skin Foam Cleanser
43AceEmzymeN/A1. Wellness Red Ginseng Stick
44Gong Food Koreaww.koreagongfood.modoo.at1. Perilla Powder
2. Korean Red Ginseng Chewy Candy
3. Fresh Perilla Oil
45Chamotdeulwww.otsam.com1. Red Ginseng
2. Black Ssanghwa
3. Candy Potato
46IvenetN/A1. Rice Snack
2. Grain Friend
3. Rice Chip
47Zen HankookN/A1. Tea Set
2. Lunch Box
3. Sauce Pan
4. Balloon
48Envioneerwww.envioneer.com1. Cap Filter
49ChangjuN/A1. Injube Wine
50HanayfoodN/A1. Seasoned Seaweed
2. Seasoned Seaweed with Perilla Oil
3. Sesame Oil
4. Laver Snack
51Bijouninewww.dr-ag.co.kr1. Dr. Age Cica Cream
52Imbombwww.smartstore.naver.com/imbomb1. I'm Bomb Bath
53Korea Essentialswww.authentique.kr1. Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eye Cream
54AbismoN/A1. Nutrianal Supplement
55E2Biowww.grinee.co.kr1. Moisture Cream
2. Daily Sun Care
3. Puresilver Mask
4. Capsule Mist Serum
5. Refreshing Cleanser


Should you require further information or assistance, kindly email Jerena Chun at jerena@coasean.com | info@coasean.com