SINGAPOREVisit Pohang-Si K-Meetings

| Event Overview

Event Type: 1-1 Face-To-Face Meeting

Event Date: 21st ~ 24th September 2022

Location: Postech International Center, 2F

Industry: K-Beauty, K-Food, K-Home

Registration Before: 12th September 2022

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open to SINGAPORE companies only

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| Overseas Buyer Support

Air Ticket:  Airfare Reimbursement capped at USD400 (1 Representative per Company)

Hotel: 4D3N Free Accommodation @ LAHAN Hotel (Check in: 21st Sept; Check out: 24th Sept)

Professional Interpreter &  LUNCH provided during Official Schedule

| Official Schedule

1. Please be on time during official schedule.

2.  If you have any special dietary, let us know in advance for individual meal preparation.

21st September 2022 (Wednesday)06:00 ~ 18:00Arrival & Hotel Check In
** Own schedule
22nd September 2022 (Thursday)10:00 ~ 18:00Market Research & Trip
**Breakfast & Lunch included
23rd September 2022 (Friday)10:00 ~ 18:00Full Day Business Meeting
** Breakfast & Lunch included
24th September 2022 (Saturday)10:00 ~ 18:00Check Out & Return Singapore
** Breakfast included

| Korean Supplier Information

Supplier Catalog (Click to Open)

Company Name
Feature Products
1Ebisu Industrywww.ebisukorea.com1. Universal Angle
2. Pipe Fastening Bracket
2Anylux Co., Ltdwww.anylux.co.kr1. LED Module
2. Switched Mode Power Supply
3Mungyeong Omija Valleywww.mkvalley.com1. Omijia Beverage
2. Omijia Extract
4MIDAwww.smartstore.naver.com/mida02221. Oven Roasted Dried Fileish Jerky
2. Oven Roasted Dried Monkfish Jerky
3. Oven Roasted Dried Squid Jerky
5SmartreumbangE Incwww.sbange.com1. Multipurpose Shoe Care Appliance
2. Portable Shoe Odor Remover Device
6SeodongN/A1. Automation Conveyors
2. Industrial Washer
7The Young Rayonwww.therayon.co.kr1. Pleats Long Shirts
2. Pleats Wing Pants
8IDON/A1. Fermented Teas
2. Blended Teas
9Moineewww.hippih.co.kr1. Waterproof Cushions
2. Bidet Cushions
10World Energy Co., Ltdwww.worldenergy.co.kr1. Absorption Chiller
2. Marine Absorption Chiller
3. Brine Absorption Chiller
11UHO Koreawww.uhokorea.co.kr1. Vitamin Modeling Mask Pack
2. Collagen Modeling Mask Pack
12Ggotjeotgalwww.ggotjeotgal.com1. Anchovy Sauce
2. Crab & Anchovy Sauce
3. Saury Sauce
13Fresh Bellwww.freshbell-innerb.com1. NFC Extract Juice
2. Pure Nature Chip
3. Organic Pomegranate Juice
14KH Fiberwww.khdiber.co.kr1. Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber
15Songjeoung Agricultural Cooperative CorporationN/A1. Glutinous Rice Flour Bread
2. Sweet Potato Bread
16Cheil Grinding Wheel Indwww.grinding.co.kr1. Resin Bonded Abrasive Wheel
2. Vitrified Bonded Abrasive Wheel
3. CBN & Diamond Wheel
17Nature 4www.nature4.co.kr1. Skincare for Sensitive Skin
2. Skincare for Babies
18Annchloe Total Beautywww.annchloe.com1. Chemical Free Scalp Shampoo
2. Chemical Free Scalp Mist
19Rasawww.rasa.co.kr1. Men All-in-One Body Wash
20Nexteelwww.nexteel.co.kr1. Electric Resistance Welding Carbon Steel Pipe
21Rusowww.rusohang.gobizkorea.com1. Color & Functional Masterbatch
22Himchan Seafoodwww.himchanseafood.com1. Soy Sauce Marinated Red Crab
2. Soy Sauce Marinated Snow Crab
3. Soy Sauce Marinated Shrimp
23Gampo Jeonchon Jeotgalwww.jeonchon.com1. Anchovy Sauce
2. Salted Shrimp Paste
24Seogawww.seoga.co.kr1. Soybean Powder Doraji Jeonggwa
2. Dried Ballon Flower Root in Honey
25Yangpoeojangwww.ypseafood.com1. Half-dried Flounder
2. Whole Squid
3. Half-dried Seaeel
26Jungwoo Automotivewww.jwawp.com1. Automotive Water Pump
27Jeuncellwww.jeuncell.com1. 100% Roasted Ginseng
2. Ginseng Hair Tonic
28Nature Farm Corpwww.nfdry.com1. Dried Persimmon
2. Ice Persimmon
29Organicwithwww.organicwith.com1. Black Balloon Flower Stick
30Agricultural Corporation Donguibogumwww.donguibogum.co.kr1.Sprout Barley Powder
2.Protaetia Brevitarsis Larva Powder
31Tohamsan Honeybee Worldwww.blog.naver.com/hong123981. Acacia Honey
2. Jujube Honey
32Gwangmyung Nongsanwww.omily.kr1. Mushroom Brown Rice Chips
2. Shiitake Mushroom Sauce
3. Dried Mushrooms
33Jeil Machinerywww.posjeil.com1. Briquetting Machine
34Yoon Seong Agriculturalwww.redpepperhouse.com1. Red Pepper Powder
35Tulip Internationalwww.tulipint.com1. Aloe Vera Drink
2. Coconut Drink
3. Ginseng Drink
36Sigolstory Foodwww.smartstore.naver.com/sigolstoryfood1. Apple Juice
37Hwang's Farmwww.nongbus.co.kr1. Ginger Confection Stick


Should you require further information or assistance, kindly email Jerena Chun at jerena@coasean.cominfo@coasean.com