Event Type: 1-1 E-Business Matching @ Zoom Platform

Event Date: 

1. Malaysia & Indonesia: 26th October 2020 (Monday)

2. Singapore: 27th October 2020 (Tuesday)

Industry: Fire Fighting & Fire Protection

Registration Before: 20th October 2020

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open for Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia Companies

Registration Links: Application Closed

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Company Name
Feature Products
1Youngjin Flexwww.yjflex.com1. Flexible Sprinkler Hose with Fittings
2. Sprinklers- Glass Bulb Type
3. Sprinklers- Flush Type
4. Sprinklers- Side Wall Type
5. Sprinklers- Dry Pendent Type
6. Sight Glass Union
2Seung Jin Industrywww.seungjin.kr
1. Flexible Sprinkler Hose with Fittings
2. Flexone- For Commercial Suspended Ceiling
3. Cleanflex- For Cleanroom Ceiling
4. Ductflex- For Duct Protection
3Musun Techwinwww.musun2002.co.kr1. Special-function Lantern for Safety
2. Xenon Searchlights
3. Firefighting Helmet Lantern
4. Smoke See-Through Lantern
5. Integrated Vehicle Signboard for Rear Safety
4Yooksongwww.yooksong.com1. Fire Nozzle
2. Fire Hose
3. Fire Hose-Reel Hydrant
4. Hose Reel Cabinet
5. Simple Hose and Nozzle Cabinet
6. Outdoor Fire Hydrant
7. Fire Monitor
8. Valves & Coupling for Fire Equipment
9. Foam Equipment
10. High-Pressure Fire Fighting Equipment
11. Portable Fire Extinguisher
12. Descending Life Line System
13. Fire Pump Accessories
14. Small Space Automatic Fire Suppression System
15. Special Fire Equipment
5Asungwww.asungvalve.com1. cPVC Piping System
2. cPVC Flange
3. Gasket
6Rezontechwww.rezontech.com1. UV/IR Flame Detector
2. Triple IR & Hydrogen Flame Detector
3. Test Lamp & Accessories
7Flexdrop Yongwonwww.yongwonenc.com1. Sprinkler Flexible Joint
2. Alarm Check Valves
3. Outdoor Hydrant
8Changsung Acewww.csa-fire.com1. Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
2. Flame Detector
3. UV Flame Detector
4. Power Supply Exclusive for the Flame Detector
5. Flame Detector Test Lamp
6. Leakage Detection System
7. Gas Cylinder Weight Detection & Leakage Alarm System
8. Variable Digital Temperature Monitoring System
9. Thermal Image Fire Detection Camera System
10. Handheld Fire Detection Thermal Imaging Camera
11. Gas Emission Cutoff Control System
12. Discharge Indication Lamp
9Paratechwww.paratech.co.kr1. Standard & In-Rack Sprinklers
2. CMDA Sprinklers
3. Concealed Sprinklers
4. Flush Type Sprinklers
5. Fusible Type Sprinklers
6. Alarm Check Valve
7. Pre-Action & Deluge Valve
8. Zone Control & Riser System
9. Indicator Post
10. Sight Glass
11. Water Motor Gong
12. Sprinkler Flexible Hose
13. cPVC Piping System
10Jeongsan Aikangwww.jsak.co.kr1. Polybutylene (PB) Pipe & Fitting
2. Brass Fitting
3. Manifold
4. cPVC Piping System


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