Event Type: 1-1 E-Business Matching @ Zoom Platform

Event Date: 28th~29th October 2020 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Industry: Parts (Automotive, Agricultural Machinery, Heavy Machinery), Marine, Beauty, Food, ICT, Packaging, Textile, Metal

Registration Before: 22nd October 2020

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open for ASEAN Companies

Registration Links: Application Closed

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Feature Product
1Daewon PrecisionPartsN/A1. Automotive After Market Parts
2Gumseong TechPartsN/A1. Undercarriage Parts for Bulldozer & Excavator
3Shin A JungmilPartsN/A1. Roller
4Woolim PrecisionPartswww.woolim.co1. Parts for Automotive Engines
2. Start Motor Roller Shaft, Planet Shaft, Drive Shaft, Arnature Shaft
3. A/C Compressor Shaft
4. Alternator Shaft
5. Constant Velocity Joint
6. Pinion Gear
7. Side Gear
5S&S ValveMarinewww.snsvalve.co.kr1. Flow Control Valves (Ball, Gate, Glove, Check, Butterfly, Safety, Control)
6MegatechMetalwww.mg-tech.co.kr1. Nano Silver Powder
7Bareun HwangtoBeautywww.brwhangto.com1. Natural Yellow Clay Mist
2. Mediclay Natural Cypress Mist
3. Mediclay Natural Deodorant Mist
8MOMSMIFoodN/A1. Organic Rice Sticks
2. Cube Yogurt & Fruit Chips
9BiomineBeautywww.jbfbio.com1. Mineral Skincare
10AMITIICTwww.amiti.co.kr1. Smart Parking License Plate
11EcobiosFoodwww.ecobios.co.kr1. Fructooligosaccharide (Mushroom Yoghurt Powder)
12IBMTMarinewww.ibmt.co.kr1. Aluminium Yachts
2. Water Extreme Jet Boat
13Sunmarine BiotechBeautywww.sunmarineb.co.kr1. Cosmetic Raw Materials
2. Marine Skincare
14KihyunAgriculturalwww.kihyunmc.com1. Mini Tiller
2. Multi-purpose Tiller
15K-LuboPartswww.klybo.co.kr1. Oilless Bearing
2. Dry Bearing
3. Bimetal Bearing
4. Bronze Wrapped Bearing
5. DX Bearing
16Shinheung ChemicalPackagingwww.shinheungchem.com1. PVC Wrap Film
17Korea MotorPartswww.kmce.co.kr1. Component for Car Auto Transmission Parts
2. Components for Car Engine
3. Transmission Ass't for Forklift
18HMT Marine EngineMarinewww.hmtmarine.co.kr1. Marine Diesel Engine
19T&G SegungPartswww.tngsejung.com1. Machining Part
2. Heavy Equipment Part
3. Automotive Part
20Keunbit BioFoodwww.samchae.kr1. Samchae Fermented Tea
2. Samchae Pillet
3. Samchae Soap
21HyurimBeautywww.hyurim.kr1. Atopanax Dendro Panax Extract Ampoule Mist & Essence Emulsion
2. Ato Balm
3. Clean AC Serum
4. Clean AC Mist
5. Clean AC Soap
22Hansaeng Bio CPFoodwww.korean-herb.com1. Dried Peanut Sprout
2. Peanut Sprout Tea
3. Burdock Tea
4. Lotus Root Tea
5. Ballon Flower Root Tea
6. Barley Sprout Tea
7. Squeezed Lemon Ginger Tea
8. Squeezed Choco Cacao Nibs Tea
9. Squeezed Kalamansi Tea
10. Squeezed Hibiscus Tea
23Shin Hwa IndustrialPartswww.shinhwa-ind.com1. Hydraulic Cylinder Structure and Part
24Sungdong IndustrialPartswww.sdi-korea.com1. Under Carriage Part for Heavy Equipment & Agricultural Machinery
25SorociBeautywww.soroci.com1. Plant-based Ingredient Skincare
26Seil DanjoPartswww.seildanko.com1. Bearing Part
2. Automotive Parts
3. Agricultural Machinery Parts
4. Heavy Equipment Parts
5. Aluminium Pats
27NaruatoFoodwww.naruato1. Character Cotton Candy
28Kind EarthBeautywww.goodearth.kr1. Bubble Hand Sanitizer
2. Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer
29KumA PowertechPartswww.kumapt.com1. Transmission & Axle for Forklift
2. Gear Pump for Agricultural Machine
3. Piston Pump for Heavy Equipment
4. Travel Motor for Heavy Machinery
5. Swing Motor and Remote Control Valve for Heavy Machinery
30DaeseokMarinewww.daeseok.co.kr1. Y-Globe Valve
2. Gate Valve
3. PSB Valve
4. Globe Control Body Valve
5. Butterfly Valve
6. Gate Assemble Valve
7. PSB Assemble Valve
31SerimPartswww.serim-am.co.kr1. Farming Machine Parts
2. Heavy Machinery Parts
3. Factory Machine Parts
32Woong Jun IndPartsN/A1. Automobile Transmission & Engine Parts
2. Heavy Equipment Gear Parts
3. Agricultural Machinery Gear Parts
33Jinsung PrecisionPartswww.jinsunghyd.co.kr1. Gear Pumps
34TobisPartswww.tobishydraulic.com1. TBP Pump
2. TBM Travel Device
3. TBS Swing Motor
35Sangwoo PrecisionPartswww.swith.co.kr1. Heavy Equipment Parts
2. Automobile Parts
3. Forklift Parts
4. Agricultural Machinery Parts
36NamboAgriculturalwww.nambobio.co.kr1. Fertilizer
37Jinju SilkTextilewww.jinjusilk.co.kr1. Silk Mask
2. Silk Ties
3. Silk Scarves
38MyunglimPartswww.mleng.co.kr1. Diesel Engine Parts
2. Agricultural Machinery Parts
3. Construction Machinery Parts
4. Military/ Aircraft Parts
5. Heat Exchanger and Parts of Marine Transmission
39BJ SilkBeautywww.bjsilk.kr1. Haircare
2. Skincare
40D-I IndustrialMarinewww.d-i.co.kr1. Marine Transmission
2. Power Take Offs (PTOs)
3. Hydraulic Steering Systems
4. Integral Shaft Supporters
5. Flexible Couplings
41Jang Saeng DorajiFoodwww.doraji.co.kr1. Ballon Flower Health Supplement
42Seonghwa IndustrialPartswww.seonghwa.co.kr1. Pipe Hanger & Support
2. Pre-fabricated Piping/ SKID Products
43SEIL IndustrialPartswww.seilkorea.com1. Powertrain System for Electric Vehicles, Agricultural Tractors, Construction Equipment
44Daeshin PrecisionPartswww.idaeshin.co.kr1. Agricultural Equipment  Part
2. Automobile Part
45HabongchungFoodN/A1. Plum Extract
2. Plum Red Pepper Paste
3. Plum Soybean Paste
46KB CosmeticsBeautywww.kbcosmetics.com1. Skincare
2. Bodycare
3. Babycare
4. Haircare
5. Clinical Cosmetics
47HK BiotechFoodwww.hkbiotech.co.kr1. Prostate Health Supplements
2. Bone Health Supplement
3. HK Natto Extract Health Supplement
4. Brain Health Supplement
48Woosung Precision IndustrialPartswww.wsp-ind.co.kr1. Agricultural Machinery Parts
2. Excavator Mounted Flail Mower


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