Event Type: 1-1 E-Business Matching @ Zoom Platform

Event Date: 14th (Tue) ~ 15th (Wed) September 2021

Industry: Korean Chungbuk Authentic & Traditional K-Food

Registration Before: 7th September 2021

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open to ASEAN companies

Registration Links: Click Here

Supplier Product Information: Click Here

Advisor Honorarium: Eligible Buyer with Advisor Role will receive an HONORARIUM for taking part in the event.

Meeting Date
Company Name
Feature Products
114th September
SokribiotecN/A1. Tart Cherry Juice
2. Organic Pomegranate Juice
3. Organic Cabbage Juice
4. Pumpkin Juice
5. Organic Apple, Beat, Carrot Juice
6. Arrowroot Juice
7. Grape Juice
213th September
Joeunsulsjwww.joeunsulsj.co.kr1. Organic Farming Yido Liquor
2. Milletskin Makgeolli
3. Sejong Raspberry Wine
314th September
Dr. Chung's FoodN/A1. Soymilk
2. Blackbean and Almond & Walnut Soymilk
3. Black Soybean & 16 Grains Soymilk
4. Banana Soymilk
414th September
Natures Best Foodswww.charmoats.com1. Quick Oatmeal
2. Oatmeal Shake
3. Wasabi Flavor Fried Whole Oats
515th September
CR F&CN/A1. Song Do Sun Pogi Kimchi
615th September
DavichifarmN/A1. Ginger Jujube Juice
714th September
Daedo FoodN/A1. Nurungji (Rice Cracker)
814th September
The Momwww.glmore.kr1. Ssalnunssal Nurungji (Rice Cracker)
914th September
Donghae Foodwww.haesali.com1. Dried Squid Snack
2. Dried Filefish Fillet Snack
1014th September
Boriro Food Systemwww.boriro.com1. Sprout Barley Noodle
2. Pumpin Barley Noodle
1115th September
Bosung KoreaN/A1. Cabbage Kimchi
2. Radish Kimchi
1215th September
Cuckoo F&BN/A1. Gluten Free Red Tteokbokki
1315th September
Yuvenco CompanyN/A1. Natural Grape Juice
2. Natural Apple Juice
1414th September
YegreenN/A1. Apple Popcorn
2. Chili Popcorn
3. Milk Popcorn
1515th September
IikimN/A1. Cabbage Kimchi
2. Cabbage Kimchi with Dried Squid
1615th September
Jayeonnong Foodhttp://xn--980bu6dy8usqbcw4a.kr/main
1. Barley Powder
1715th September
KomegaN/A1. Premium Perilla Oil
1815th September
TodamN/A1. Oranda
2. Black Sesame Oranda
3. Sweet Laver Oranda
1914th September
SkynongbuN/A1. Dried Red Pepper Powder
2014th September
Haelovewww.haelove.co.kr1. Olive Oil Laver Snack


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