Event Type: 1-1 E-Business Matching @ Zoom Platform

Event Date: 16th (Thu) September 2021

Industry: Korean HALAL & Organic Products

Registration Before: 10th September 2021

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open to ASEAN companies

Registration Links: Click Here

Advisor Honorarium: Eligible Buyer with Advisor Role will receive an HONORARIUM for taking part in the event.

Company Name
Feature Products
1HalalHuons Nature Co., Ltdwww.huonsnature.com1. Red Ginseng Slices
2. Red Ginseng Concentrate Stick
3. Antler Red Ginseng Pills
4. Red Ginseng Jelly Stick
5. Red Ginseng Tablet
6. Honeybush Pomegranate Collagen
7. Fresh Ginseng
2HalalNDK Food Corporationwww.ndkfood.com1. Seasoned Laver
- Wasabi Flavor
- Olive Oil
- Bamboo Salt
- Kimchi Flavor
- Charcoal Grilled Beef Flavor
3HalalSerim Hyunmi Co., Ltdwww.serim.kr1. Brown Rice Oil
2. Brown Rice Flour
3. Brown Rice Bran
4OrganicGangwon Organic Tradewww.gweco.co.kr1. Fresh Produce & Mushrooms
2. Rice & Multigrain
3. Butchery
4. Condiments
5. Instant Food
6. Traditional Liquor
7. Dairy Product
5OrganicKweon Do Yeong Aloe Co., Ltdwww.kdyaloe.com1. Organic Aloe Saponaria Juice
2. Aloe & Aronia Juice
3. Organic Aloe Saponaria Gold Gel
4. Aloe & Aronia Gel
5. Organic Aloe Saponaria Fermented Drinks
6. Raw Aloe Saponaria Leaves
6OrganicDasarang Co., Ltdwww.hamcho114.com1. Glasswort Enzyme
2. Glasswort Balance
3. Glasswort Alium Hookeri
8OrganicAloefarm Agricultural Associationwww.aloefood.co.kr1. Aloe Vera Gel
2. Aloe Vera Tablets
3. Aloe Vera Juice
4. Aloe Honey Tea
5. Aloe Vera Extract
6. Aloe Vera Skincare
7. Raw Aloe Vera
9OrganicOgok Fermentation Villagewww.ogoktown.com1. Turmeric Brown Rice Vinegar
2. Black Garlic Vinegar
3. Plum Vinegar
4. Soybean Brown Rice Vinegar
5. Coffee Bean Vinegar
6. Grape Vinegar
7. Five Grain Fermented Soybean Paste
8. Five Grain Fermented Red Pepper Paste
10OrganicYouil Food Co., Ltdbodyplan.kr1. Natural Garlic Peel Vinegar Powder
2. Onion Peel Vinegar Powder
11OrganicGiggumbangN/A1. Brown Vinegar
2. Citron Vinegar
3. Laver Jangajji
12OrganicCharmden Health Science Co., Ltdwww.charmden.com1. Cabbage Juice
2. Beetroot Juice
3. Cucumber Juice
4. Organic Brown Rice
5. Jujube Ginger Juice
6. Red Ginseng Juice
7. Five-colored Taro Miso
8. Organic Cereal
13OrganicCheonbok Food Co., Ltdwww.gobidang.co.kr1. Bamboo Tree Extract
2. Pine Needle Tree Extract
14OrganicChomaruN/A1. Rice Wine Beverage
2. Korean Wild Grapes Beverage
15OrganicSkynongbu Co., Ltdwww.skynongbu.com1. Dried Bellflower
2. Dried Herbs
3. Kidney Bean
4. Asparagus
5. Soft Potatoes
6. Cabbage Juice
7. Onion
8. Green Pepper
9. Water Parsley
10. Oyster Mushroom
11. Organic Tomato Juice
17HalalGyeongshin Bio Co., Ltdwww.gyeongshin.com1. Flower Ginseng Tea
2. Fermented Chrysanthemum Mushrooms
3. Fermented Oyster Mushroom
4. Golden Pear Powder
5. Luxury Flower Tea
18HalalGlobal Gangwon Trade Co., Ltdwww.iggtmall.com1. Red Ginseng Extract
2. Honey Blackgarlic Extract
3. Coconut Water
4. Lacto-Kids
19HalalNeo Cremar Co., Ltdwww.cremar.co.kr1. Organic Raw Material
20HalalDaekwang F&Gwww.dkfng.com1. Poggi Kimchi
2. Jungbu Shikpogi Kimchi
3. Bachelor Kimchi
4. Fresh Kimchi
5. Flavored Kimchi
6. Busan Bul Kimchi
7. Kkakdugi
8. White Kimchi
9. Kimchi Seasoning
10. Radish Kimchi
11. Sesame Leaf Kimchi
21HalalThe Better Food Co., Ltdwww.betterfood.co.kr1. Cake Decoration Ingredients
2. Cake Ingredients
22HalalManna Food Co., Ltdwww.mannafood.net1. Roasted Seaweed for Sushi
2. Grape Seed Oil Seaweed
3. Seasoned & Shredded Seaweed
4. Seasoned & Granulated Seaweed
UPO Rice Tech Co., Ltdwww.uporice.com1. Germinated Brown Rice
2. Brown Rice
3. Brown Rice Diet Product
4. Brown Rice Tea
24HalalUnione Co., Ltdwww.unionekr.com1. Instant Tteobokki
2. Tteobokki Snack
3. Tteobokki Rice Cakes
4. Roasted Seaweed
5. Red Pepper Powder
6. Gochujang
7. Tteobokki Sauce
25HalalHaruen Life Co., ltdwww.haruen.kr1. Beauty Supplies for Oil Removal & Waste Removal
Hankook Tea Cowww.hankooktea.co.kr1. Powdered Green Tea
2. Jakseol Green Tea
3. Hwang Cha
4. Black Tea
5. Caffeine Free Tea Leaf
27HalalHosan Co., Ltdwww.koreanproducts.net1. Frozen Dumpling
2. Frozen Fish Cake
3. King Oyster Mushroom
4. Enoki Mushroom
5. Fresh Pear
6. Fresh Kimchi
7. Noodles
8. Confectionary
9. Instant Noodles
10. Beverage
Seyang Co., Ltdwww.seyangseafood.com1. Frozen Fish
2. Frozen Mollusk
3. Frozen Processed Tuna Meat
4. Frozen Processed Cooked Clams
5. Frozen Processed Fish Fillet
Alchan Jaeraekim Co., Ltdwww.dhlk.co.kr1. Full Length Laver
2. Kimbab Laver
3. Kimchi Flavored Laver
HaedongBiowww.wasongmall.com1. Natural Fermented Vinegar
31HalalOttogi Corporationwww.ottogi.co.kr1. Instant Noodles
2. Sauce & Seasoning
3. Frozen Cheese Stick
4. Ramen Snack
5. Honey Grapefruit Black Tea
6. Frozen Food
7. Instant Porridge
8. Burdock Tea
9. Honey Jujube Tea
32HalalOrion Jeju Yongamsoowww.jejuongamsoo.com1. Jeju Volcanic Water


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