Event Type: 1-1 E-Business Matching @ Zoom Platform

Event Date: 8th October 2021 (Friday)

Industry: Biomedical, Electronics, Household Consumer Goods, IT & Telecommunication, Media Content, Medical Healthcare

Registration Before: 1st October 2021

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open for ASEAN Companies

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Advisor Honorarium: Eligible Buyer with Advisor Role will receive an HONORARIUM for taking part in the event.

Company Name
Feature Products
1BM-01BiomedicalIMB Dxwww.imbdx.com1. Liquid Biopsy Cancer Biomarker Test Kit
2BM-02BiomedicalCubebiowww.cubebio.co.kr1. Cancer Diagnostic Device
2. Cancer Diagnostic Kit/ Reagent
3. COVID-19 PCR Diagnostic Kit
4. COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Kit
3BM-03ElectronicsKMS Partner
www.kms-p.com1. Mini Beam Projector
2. Mobile Charging Accessories
4BM-04ElectronicsDaehyuntecwww.airprom.co.kr1. Air Cleansing Face Mask
5BM-05ElectronicsGNET Systemwww.gnetsystem.com1. Car Black Box
2. Bike Black Box
6BM-06ElectronicsSys Matewww.sysmate.co.kr1.  Video Wall
2. Digital Signage
3. Kiosk
4. LED Display
7BM-07ElectronicsSRTechnology Corporatewww.srtechnology.com
1. RF Passive Components
- Termination
- Attenuator
- Filter
- Power Divider
- Arrestor
- DC Block & Bias Tee
2. RF Connector & Adaptor
8BM-08ElectronicsTootechwww.tootech.co.kr1. UL Certified Label
2. Laser Label
3. Laser Barcode Printer
4. Water Contact Indicator Label
5. Void Seal Label
6. Metallic Barcode
7. Barcode Printer, Scanner & Ribbon
9BM-09ElectronicsPillars of Creationwww.thepoc.co.kr1. Portable Fine Dust Meter
10BM-10ElectronicsKono Corporationwww.konocorp.com1. Mechanical Watch
2. Lady Fashion Watch
3. Emergency Warning System
4. Multi-Functional Smart LED Stick
11BM-11ElectronicsNaumadewww.nauclean.com1. Non-conductive Insulating Detergent for Electrical Equipment Cleaning
12BM-12Household Consumer GoodsRed Indexwww.redindex.co.kr1. Hair Stylist Accessories
2. Make Up Accessories
13BM-13Household Consumer Goods
Duek Keumwww.myadelline.com1. 24K Gold Snail Cream
2. 24K Gold Snail Essence
3. 24K Gold Premium Peel-off Mask Pack
4. Gold Snail Eye Patch
5. Tripe Hyaluronic Hydra Mask
6. Shampoo
7. Black Snail Deep Cleansing Foam
8. Brightening Deep Cleansing Oil
9. OEM of skincare
14BM-14Household Consumer Goods
Jworld Industrywww.alzipmat.com1. Flooring Roll Mat
2. Baby Mat
3. Baby Bed Guard
4. Sofa & Beanbag
5. Pet Rug
15BM-15Household Consumer Goods
Depack Corporationwww.depack.co.kr1. Micro-needle Acne Patch
2. Clear Soothing Pimple Patch
16BM-16Household Consumer Goods
My Home Shoppingwww.my25.kr1. Stainless Steel Pot
2. Ceramic Pot
3. Excalibur Pan
4. Ceramic Pan
5. Diamond Pan
6. Marble Pan
7. Airtight Container
8. Round & Square Roasting Pan
9. Double Sided Pan
17BM-17Household Consumer Goods
Magico Designwww.funkylion.kr1. Glasses
2. Sunglasses
18BM-18Household Consumer Goods
Cogo Toolwww.cogotool.com1. Carbide Endmill & Drill
2. Dental Carbide End Mills
19BM-19Household Consumer Goods
Creang Holdings


1. Skincare
2. CC Cream
3. Mask Pack
4. Sunscreen
5. Eye Nutrition
20BM-20Household Consumer Goods
Haruen Lifewww.haruen.kr1. Face Oil/ Sebum Removal Volcanic Stone Ball
21BM-21Household Consumer Goods
TradeWavewww.myformula.co.kr1. Neck Mask
2. Wrinkle Stick
22BM-22Household Consumer Goods
Abil Koreawww.nacific.com1. Nacific Real Floral Skincare
2. Nacific Fresh Herb Skincare
23BM-23Household Consumer Goods
Wooin Intwww.wooinint.com1. Anti-aging Skincare
2. Fashion Hand Bag
3. Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
24BM-24Household Consumer Goods
Ntradewww.da99.co.kr1. Lifting Ampoule
2. Lifting Mask
3. Adsorption Sponge
25BM-25Household Consumer Goods
Changjo Myeonginwww.cmkoreanature.com1. Deep Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment
2. Lift Cream
26BM-26Household Consumer Goods
NOTSwww.nots.co.kr1. Intensive Skincare
2. Men Skincare
3. Face Mask Pack
4. Make Up
27BM-27Household Consumer Goods
Stekwww.stekcare.com1. Antimicrobial Film
2. Washable Face Mask
3. Face Shield
4. Dining/ Office Partition Board
28BM-28Household Consumer Goods
Hasung Electronicswww.hasungi.com1. Hair Clipper
2. Hair Dryer
3. Hair Styler
4. Hair Scissors
5. Pet Scissors
29BM-29Household Consumer Goods
Juans Biotechwww.gooddayskincare.com1. Foam Cleanser
2. Brightening Cream
3. Tumeric Face Mask
30BM-30Household Consumer Goods
Medicosbioteckwww.medicosbiotech.com1. Scalp Hair Loss Shampoo
2. Scalp Hair Loss Tonic

31BM-31Household Consumer Goods
Alpha Alarm Techwww.alpha-at.com1. Safety Warning Lamp Whistle
2. Hand Blowing Whistle
32BM-32Household Consumer Goods
STB Internationalwww.stbint.co.kr1. Liquid Pen Eyeliner
2. Snowball Lip Stain
3. Twist Cushion Pen
4. Click Pen Eyeliner
5. Auto Eyebrow Pencil
33BM-33Household Consumer Goods
J9 Cosmeticwww.lapeau.co.kr1. Skincare
2. Mask Pack
3. Sunscreen
34BM-34Household Consumer Goods
SKE CPwww.skeng.co.kr1. Mold & Extrusion Part
2. Precision Engineering Part
3. Height Adjustable Desk
35BM-35Household Consumer Goods
WSPwww.wesellhope.co.kr1. EGF Essential Lotion
2. Primrose Essential Oil
36BM-36Household Consumer Goods
FG Beautywww.fgbeauty.com1. Skincare
2. Mask Pack
39BM-39Household Consumer Goods
JR International AGwww.jrinter.kr1. Sticky Memo
2. Stickers
40BM-40Household Consumer Goods
Rowoon Creationwww.mixkin.co.kr1. Skincare
2. Sunscreen
41BM-41Household Consumer Goods
Fox Corporationwww.roseheart.kr1. Hand Cream
2. Skincare
3. Mask Pack
42BM-42Household Consumer Goods
1. Underwater Touch Waterproof Pack
2. Waterproof Dry Bag
3. Makeup Correction Puff
4. Air Freshener
5. Neck Cooling Tube
43BM-43Household Consumer Goods
Gelfarrmwww.gelfarm.com1. Skincare
2. Color Makeup
3. Mask Pack
44BM-44Household Consumer Goods
Momsumer Labwww.gnst.mom1. Baby Bath & Shampoo
2. Baby Lotion
3. Baby Soothing Gel
45BM-45Household Consumer Goods
PNP Biopharmwww.pnpbiofarm.com1. Cosmeceutical Ingredients
2. Pharmaceutical Ingredients
3. OEM/ODM of Skincare & Haircare
46BM-46Household Consumer Goods
ANS Developmentwww.omnipack.net1. Umbrella Automatic Packing Machine
2. Umbrella Raincoat
3. Umbrella Stand
4. Blocking Rod
47BM-47Household Consumer Goods
Esenciawww.esencia.co.kr1. Compact Toothbrush Sterilizer
2. Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer
3. Bathroom Sterilizer
4. Water Softener
48BM-48Household Consumer Goods
Niche Stitchwww.nichestitch.kr1. Pocket Dress Perfume
49BM-49Household Consumer Goods
Feliz Groupwww.felizgroup.co.kr1. Americano Coffee
2. Mocha Gold Coffee
3. Coffee Beans
51BM-51Household Consumer Goods
Dr. Altheawww.doctoralthea.co.kr1. Skincare
2. Sunscreen
3. Mask Pack
52BM-52Household Consumer Goods
Dnature Bio Labswww.dnaturebio.com1. Health Functional Food
2. Functional Beverage
53BM-53Household Consumer GoodsUnipack Koreawww.unipac.co.kr1. Skincare Packaging
2. Makeup Packaging
54BM-54Household Consumer GoodsSPESwww.spesbeauty.com1. Hair Shampoo
2. Hair Serum
3. Hair Mask Pack
55BM-55Household Consumer GoodsMyungdo P&Gwww.mipickshop.com1. Korean Confectionery
- Cereal Biscuit
- Whole Wheat Nuts
- Whole Milk Croissant
- Cracker
56BM-56Household Consumer Goods
Miionbiowww.miionbio.co.kr1. Disinfectant
2. Deodorant
3. Pesticides
57BM-57Household Consumer Goods
Endo Medicswww.viviball.com1. Ion Facial Oil Remover
2. Portable Hair Remover
3. Facial Brush
58BM-58IT & TelecommunicationTovnetwww.tovnet.co.kr1. Video Surveillance Camera
2. Solar Panel
3. Black Box
59BM-59IT & Telecommunication
PP Solutionwww.ppsoln.com1. GNSS Receiver
60BM-60IT & Telecommunication
Soltechwww.soltech.co.kr1. Ethernet Optical Switch
2. Industrial Ethernet Switch
3. SFP Optical Module
4. Communication Rack
5. CCTV Camera
61BM-61IT & Telecommunication
Soltech Globalwww.solmate.net1. Field Fusion Splicing Connector
2. Network Switch
3. Ethernet Converter
4. Network Accessories
62BM-62IT & Telecommunication
App Doctorwww.appdr.com1. Developer Hourly Outsourcing Platform
63BM-63IT & Telecommunication
Infinity Energywww.infinityene.com1. Smart Bench System
2. Solar Power Generation Monitoring System
3. Smart Sorting Bin System
4. EV Charging Infrastructure System
64BM-64Media ContentAppMediawww.appmedia.co.kr1. Mobile Application e-Book
65BM-65Media Content
The Little Peony Koreawww.testhasib.myshopify.com1. Character Design Fashion
2. Lady Fashion
3. Line Sticker
4. Bag
5. Mobile Wallpaper
66BM-66Media Content
Cocktail Mediawww.cocktailmedia.co.kr1. Technology-based Animation Content Development
67BM-67Media Content
BNC Techwww.tasyong.bike1. Public Automated Point-to-Point Bike Rental Service
68BM-68Medical Health CareWooju Mulsanwww.healthair.kr1. Air Purifier
69BM-69Medical Health Care
Beautechwww.beautytech.co.kr1. Aesthetic Equipment
70BM-70Medical Health Care
Radianqbiowww.radianqbio.com1. Blood Pretreatment Platform
2. Molecular Scanner
3. Nano-based POC Biosensor Platform
71BM-71Medical Health Care
Life On Labwww.lifeonlab.com1. OTC Product
2. Intimate Care
3. Foot Care
4. Depilatories Care
72BM-72Medical Health Care
Purifeewww.purifee.com1. Menstrual Clamps Relieve Patch
2. Albatross Sports Gel
73BM-73Medical Health Care
1. Cordyceps Fermented Extract
74BM-74Medical Health Care
Hulaserwww.hulaser.com1. Dental Diode Laser
75BM-75Medical Health Care
Buheung Medicalwww.buheungmedical.com1. Therapeutic Electro Device for Women
2. Chronic Pain Relieve Devices
3. High-Speed Cyclone Massager
76BM-76Medical Health Care
Tszenwww.tszen.co.kr1. Medical Laser Equipment
2. Aesthetic RF Device
3. Aesthetic Equipment
4. Facial Recognition Visitor Management System
77BM-77Medical Health Care
Daiseung Medicswww.dsmedics.com1. Telometer
2. Radiography Supplements
3. Radiation Shielding Products
4. Oriental Medical Devices
78BM-78Medical Health Care
Dohbiowww.dohbio.com1. Functional Skincare
Medical Health Care
Jeil Medicalwww.jeilmed.co.kr1. Body Implant System
Medical Health Care
YBT Solutionwww.ybtsolution.com1. Orthopedic Support System


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