Event Type: 1-1 Zoom Meeting

Event Date: 18th (Thu) November 2021

Industry: K-Food, K-Health, K-SanitaryWare, K-Kitchenware, K-Industrial

Registration Before: 11th November 2021

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open to ASEAN companies only

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Advisor Honorarium: Eligible Buyer with Advisor Role will receive an HONORARIUM for taking part in the event.

Company Name
Feature Products
1WNLwww.softbathtub.com1. Bathtub
2. Portable Bathtub
3. Freestanding Bathtub
2David Aqua Systemwww.davidaquasystem.com1. GRP Water Panel Tank
2. Smart Farm Solution
3. Disinfection & Sterilization Machine
4. Smart Building Wireless Sensors
5. Smart Infrastructure Wireless Sensors
3Mimi Foodwww.mimifood.com1. Packaged Bowl Rice with Sauce
2. Kimchi
3. Packaged Stew
4. Seasoning & Sauce & Dressing
5. Packaged Porridge
4Bekjo SInkwww.baekjosink.com1. Kitchen Sink
2. Kitchen Worktops
3. Faucents
4. Kitchen Hoods
5. Kitchen Cooktop
6. Composite Kitchen Sink
5Airlonwww.goldnairlon.com1. Construction Thermal Insulation
2. Construction Composite Insulation
3. Pipe Insulation
4. Duct Insulation
5. High-Temperature Fireproof Insulation
6. Interior Wall Sheet Insulation
6Young Il Industrywww.0-il.com1. Engine Winch
2. Lever Block
3. Tirfor
4. Pulling Robot
5. Kevlar Supporting Roller
6. Tension Grip
7. Kevlar Rope
8. Winder & Unwinder
9. Compressor & Cutter
10. Rope
11. Cable Feeder
7Cascade Techwww.cascadetech.co.kr1. End Mills
2. Custom Special Tools
8Hypen CoatingN/A1. Synthetic Resin Pellets
2. Synthetic Resin Powder
3. Functional Paint
4. Metal Coating
9Human Controlswww.humantech2000.com1. Livestock Feed Additive
10Huons Naturalwww.huonsnatural.com1. Fermented Honeybush Extract Powder
2. Honeybush Skin Solution
3. Lactobacillus Health Supplement
4. Konjay Jelly
5. Vitamin C & Multivitamin
6. Lutein Eye Supplment


Should you require further information or assistance, kindly email to Jerena Chun at jerena@coasean.com | info@coasean.com