SINGAPORE2020 Superior Products for AIP (Aging in Place)

Event Type: 1-1 E-Business Matching @ Zoom Platform

Event Date: 1st - 11th September 2020

Industry: Silver Care Products & Technology

Main Items:

1. Mobility: Electric Bicycle, Manual / Electric Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs Converter, Wheelchair Seat Riser, Toilet Seat Riser, Designed Walking Stick, Assisted Walking Safety Socks

2. Furniture: Height Adjustable Sink, Smart Toilet Bed

3. Elderly Home Living: Safety Hand, Anti-slip Mat, Gas Leak Detection Alarm, Lighting Control System, Anti-bedsore Air Mattress

4. Rehab Equipment: Walking Trainer, Join Exercise Equipment, Whole Body Trainer, Dreams Bike

5. Elderly Oral Care: Electric Suction Toothbrush, Smart Denture NFC Chip, Smart Denture Washer

6. Smart Aids Device: Smart Voice Sender, Smart Hearing Aids, Elderly Diapers Care Sensor

7. Smart Analyzer: Smart Dementia Apps, Self-stress Caring Apps, Respiratory Analyzer

Registration Before: 25th August 2020 (Tuesday)

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open for Singapore, Indonesia & Myanmar Companies

Registration Links: Application Closed

1Mobility- WheelchairsMyvelo1. Electric Bicycle
2. Electric Wheelchairs
3. Electric Wheelchairs Converter - (Convert Manual Wheelchairs to Electric Wheelchairs)
1st Sept (Tuesday)
2YB Soft1. Falling Down Prevention Wheelchairs
3Hize1. Wheelchair Seat Riser, Toilet Seat Riser
4Mobility- Walking SafetyIon1. Designed Walking StickCANCEL
5We Foot1. Assisted Walking Safety Socks2nd Sept (Wednesday)
6FurnitureUD System1. Height Adjustable Washbasin
2. Height Adjustable Sink / Upper Cabinet
3rd Sept (Thursday)
7Mother's Hands1. Smart Toilet Bed
8Elderly Home LivingHappy Aging1. Safety Handle
2. Silver Car (Wheelchairs + Walking Aids)
3. Anti-slip Mat
4. Gas Leak Detection Alarm
5. Lighting Control System
4th Sept (Friday)
9YH Medical1. Anti-bedsore Air Mattress
10Rehab EquipmentRedesign1. Walking Trainer with Fall Prevention Guard
2. Joint Exercise Equipment
8th Sept (Tuesday)
11Man & Tel1. Whole Body Trainer
2. Dreams Bike
11th Sept (Friday)
12Elderly Oral CareBlueroe1. Electric Suction Toothbrush9th Sept (Wednesday)
13Dentyroad1. Smart Denture NFC Chip
2. Smart Denture Washer
14Smart Aids DeviceUwicom1. Smart Voice Sender
2. Smart Hearing Aids
10th Sept (Thursday)
15Monit1. Elderly Diapers Care Sensor
16Smart AnalyzerDemand1. Smart Dementia Apps
2. Self-stress Caring Apps
11th Sept (Friday)
17Huwant1. Respiratory Analyzer



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