SINGAPOREKorea Gwangju E-Trade Fair 2020

Event Type: 1-1 E-Business Matching @ Zoom Platform

Event Date: Oct 14, 2020 (Wednesday)

Industry: Beauty, Food, Medical, Electrical Appliance, Engineering, Energy, Agricultural, Machinery, Jewelry

Registration Before: 7 October 2020

Registration Fee: Complimentary

Eligibility: Open for Singapore & Malaysia Companies (Limited Slots only)

Registration Links: Application Closed

Company Name
Feature Products
1GJ-01ElectronicGNSTN/A1. Portable Neck Band Sterilizer & Deodorizer
2. Face Mask
2GJ-02EnergyIncellwww.incell.kr1. Energy Storage System
2. Lithium Battery System
3. Medical Battery
3GJ-03MedicalTDMwww.tradimedics.com1. Anatomic Ankle Locking Plate & Screw System
2. Anatomic Clavicle Locking Plate & Screw System
3. Small Locking Plate & Screw System
4GJ-04BeautyFeel Cosmeticwww.mmeiday.com1. Colour Cosmetic
2. Skincare
3. Bodycare
5GJ-05Electrical ApplianceDH Globalwww.global-dh.com1. Freezer
2. Show-case Refrigerator
6GJ-06FoodYuchang Foodwww.uc-food.co.kr1. Seaweed
2. Dried Shrimp
3. Dried Anchovy
4. Dried Sea Mustard
5. Dried Herring
6. Dried Kelp
7GJ-07BeautyLacosmiwww.lacosmi.com1. Portable Skincare Device
8GJ-08BeautySB Medwww.sbmed.kr1. Wireless Multi Injector (Drug Infusion)
9GJ-09BeautyHayonwww.naturehayon.co.kr1. Natural Ingredient Skincare
10GJ-10Electrical ApplianceGamsungwww.senssystem.com1. Air Purifier
2. Hospital Air Purifier
11GJ-11BeautyRaffine, Jwww.raffinej.com1. Skincare
12GJ-12MedicalKJ Meditechwww.kjmedi.co.kr1. Dental Implant System
13GJ-13MedicalRNS MedicalN/A1. Shrink Wrapping (For Medical Waste Disposal)
14GJ-14Baby & KidHumanfirstN/A1. Fine Dust Mask for Children
2. Disposable Sticker Type Bib & Apron
15GJ-15Electrical ApplianceNuriowww.nurio.net1. Nano-photocatalyst Air Purifier
16GJ-16Electrical ApplianceTPS KoreaN/A1. Portable Mini Ice Maker
17GJ-17MedicalHDTwww.picohdt.com1. Medical Imaging System
2. Industrial X-Ray System
3. Dental Imaging System
18GJ-18Baby & KidHankook Stropolwww.foart.co.kr1. EPP Furniture & Playground
2. EPP Play Mat
19GJ-19AgriculturalHan'a SSN/A1. Speed Sprayer
2. Multipurpose Vehicles
3. Reagent Control Equipment
4. Compost Spreader
5. Environment-friendly Micro-organism Wide Spreader
6. Special Equipment Vehicle
7. Agricultural Fruit Sorting Machine
20GJ-20BeautyOZ Healthcarewww.ozhealthcare.co.kr1. Natural Skincare
21GJ-21MachineryYHB Ecowww.yhb.co.kr1. Electrostatic Precipitator
2. Oil Mist Collector
3. Sludge Cleaner
22GJ-22AutomotiveKCLPN/A1. Automotive OEM Parts
2. Vehicle Wireless Charger
3. Alloy Wheel
4. Side Step Board
5. Coach Seat
6. LED Side Mirror
7. Power Tail Gate
8. Power Sliding Door
23GJ-23MachineryGaudoN/A1. Cutting Oil Separator
24GJ-24AdhesiveST InternationalN/A1. Copper Antimicrobial Film
25GJ-25SportMenfurswww.menfurs.net1. Gym Fit Ball
26GJ-26MedicalDana Medicalwww.okdana.com1. Korea Traditional Acupuncture Needle
27GJ-27FoodMoney Keywww.moneykey.co.kr1. Health Supplements
28GJ-28JewelryBo& Bongwww.boandbong.com1. Cerasilver Earring
2. Cerasilver Necklace
3. Cerasilver Ring
4. Cerasilver Bracelet
5. Cerasilver Cup
29GJ-29BeautyNoah Cosmeticwww.noahcosmetic.com1. Functional Skincare
30GJ-30HealthcareHappy LifeN/A1. Acupressure Exercise Device- Prevent Dementis
31GJ-31FoodNew WorldN/A1. Yeongji Mushroom
32GJ-32OfficeMeccalinewww.meccaline.com1. Eva Cushion
2. Book Stand
3. Monitor Memo Holder
4. Pocket Holder
4. Color Reflective Name Card
5. Smart File
6. Wing File
33GJ-33EquipmentJeil Heavy Equipmentwww.tfdrive.com1. Undercarriage Parts
2. Hydraulic Parts
34GJ-34Beauty21 Century MedicalN/A1. Sterile Single-Use Polydioxanone Suture with Needle
2. Beauty Needle
35GJ-35Electrical ApplianceTIP Internationalwww.tipint.co.kr1. Car Air Purifier
36GJ-36BeautyGaram CosmeticN/A1. Bodycare
2. Colour Cosmetics
3. Haircare
4. Skincare
37GJ-37EngineeringT3 Engineeringwww.t3eng.co.kr1. Automotive Stamping Die
2. Home Appliance Stamping Die
38GJ-38EngineeringChoice Toolingwww.choicetooling.com1. Casting Die
2. Steel Die
3. Transfer Die
4. Stamping Tool
39GJ-39FoodThe HIN/A1. Organic Rice Baby Snack
2. Freeze-dried Fruit Chips
3. Freeze-dried Yogurt Cube
4. Fruit Juice


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