SINGAPORE2024 Singapore-Korea ICT Business Partnership on 2nd July @Novotel Stevens


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Warmest Greeting from Coasean.

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you for the upcoming Singapore - Korea ICT Business Partnership 1-1 Business Meeting 2024, which will take place on 2nd July 2024, at Mercure Singapore on Stevens, Polaris I&II ballroom.

we have an exciting line-up of products, including DBMS (Database Management System), EdTech, IT, SW, AR Coloring Platform & Book, Smart Healthcare, Smart Toy, Cyber Security, Energy Management System, Cosmetics, Metaverse, Semiconductor-AI Chip-Design, Digital Content, Generative AI, Cloud DR, Cloud Migration, etc. and would be delighted if you could join us.

[Program Overview]

  • Event Type: 1-1 Business Matching
  • Date: 2nd July 2024 (Tuesday)
  • Time: 10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
  • Venue: Novotel Singapore on Stevens, Polaris I&II ballroom
    • Lunch & Parking Coupon Provided. 

Please feel free to register directly at the link below if you are interested to meet up with any of the K.Companies in below 

K.Company_Catalog: Click Here to View

Registration Link: Click Here to Register



Altibase Corp is a leading software company specializing in high-performance, enterprise-grade database solutions. With over two decades of experience, Altibase has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative database management systems.


Arasoft specializes in developing multimedia interactive eBook creation software and offers an advanced ePUB 3.0-based eBook platform. The company aims to be a leading IT provider with solutions for self-publishing and content management.

3. ColorPopUp, Inc

ColorPopup Inc. provides educational AR (Augmented Reality) coloring content for children. Utilizing advanced technologies, their products enhance language learning and creativity through interactive AR experiences.


Deep In Sight offers AI-driven 3D camera solutions for real-time spatial data processing. Targeting the smart construction and interior markets, their technology supports efficient digitalization of spaces.

5. DolbomDream Co., Ltd.

DolbomDream is a mental healthcare startup providing data-driven guidance based on biometric information. Their products, like the HUGgy vest, offer therapeutic benefits for individuals with ASD and ADHD.

6. Goonies.CO.,LTD

Goonies combines hardware and software to create educational toys that blend digital and analog elements. Their products, such as VR-based art tools, foster creativity and learning in children.

7. Grafizix Co., Ltd.

GraFiziX develops educational TV programs and products like interactive media and AR toys. Their offerings aim to entertain and educate children and teens through innovative and immersive experiences.

8. IGLOO Corporation

IGLOO Corporation is a leader in information security, providing advanced solutions and services to government agencies worldwide. Their integrated cyber security solutions combine AI with traditional SIEM.

9. iPorfolio

iPortfolio offers AI-driven educational technology solutions, focusing on English language teaching. Their platforms utilize advanced analytics and AI to enhance language learning for young students.

10. KevinLAB INC.

KevinLAB addresses sustainability issues through their innovative energy management platforms. Their solutions leverage IoT, Cloud, Big Data, AI, and mobile technologies for efficient energy use.


KiwonTech specializes in email security solutions based on international standards. Their services include comprehensive security for inbound and outbound emails, protecting against phishing, data leakage, and malware.


Lillycover provides personalized skincare solutions using advanced diagnostic devices and customized cosmetics. Their technology-driven approach offers hyper-personalized skincare products and services.

13. P&C Solution Co., Ltd.

P&C Solution excels in XR (Extended Reality) technologies, offering AR glasses and XR solutions. Their products integrate AI-based vision recognition and optical engine technologies for immersive experiences.

14. Rebellions Inc.

Rebellions is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in AI chips. They provide high-performance AI inference accelerators for data centers, supporting various AI services and models.

15. Superbean

Superbean creates innovative digital content, including XR and VR experiences. Their educational platforms and documentaries, like "Asian Vegan," showcase creative and cultural storytelling.


Twigfarm leads innovation in digital content using AI. Their LETR WORKS platform supports multilingual content creation, enabling users to generate AI-driven video, audio, image, and text content.

17. Wrtn Technologies Inc.

Wrtn Technologies offers generative AI platforms for creating AI agents without coding. Their solutions support various AI models and applications, providing timely and reliable information.


ZConverter provides cloud transformation solutions, including Cloud DR (Disaster Recovery) and Cloud Migration. Their technology ensures safe and efficient cloud transitions for enterprises and service providers.



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