MALAYSIAK-Care & Crave Showcase 2024 on 30th May (1-1 B2B Meeting Event)

Dear Sir / Madam 

Warmest greetings from COASEAN.

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you for the upcoming K-Care & Crave Showcase 2024: Malaysia Edition, which will take place on the 30th May 2024, at the Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

This exclusive event will feature 10 esteemed Korean delegates showcasing a diverse array of products ranging from Korean baby food, professional beauty and salon products, K-Beauty skincare to snacks and contact lens. As a valued buyer, we believe this presents an exceptional opportunity for you to explore new business partnerships.


  • Event Name: K-Care & Crave Showcase 2024: Malaysia Edition
  • Date: 30th May 2024 (Thursday)
  • Time: 10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
  • Venue: Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur, The Crescent Room (Level 7)
  • Korean Product Category: Professional Beauty, K-Beauty, Baby Food, Snacks, Contact Lens, etc.
  • Event Type: 1-on-1 Business Matching Event, each meeting is about 45 minutes, Interpreter provided
  • Pre-registration Buyer Benefits: Hotel Buffet Lunch and Car Park Coupon

* Please register by 17th May 2024 (Friday) to secure your meeting slots.



Company Name


Feature Products


1. Baby Probiotics

2. Vitamin D Probiotics

3. Premium Kids Multivitamin

4. Shaking Vitamin Chocolate Flavor

5. Vitamin D + Zinc Premium Gummy

6. Vitamin D Drop

7. Korea Ginseng Jelly

8. Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D

9. DHA Omega 3

10. Premium Calcium PGA Plus

11. Premium Kids Colostrum Chewable

1. First Stage Baby Rice Powder

2. Baby Spoon

3. Baby Fresh Fruit Snack

4. Single-serving Beef Bone Soup

1. Clear Lens

2. Color Lens

3. Pearl Lens

4. Fancy Lens

5. Iris Lens


Korean Traditional Snack

1. Oranda

2. Sora

3. Bong Bong

4. Kimmatna

5. Wangeramyeon
5HARAMOON COSMETICwww.haramoon.co.kr

1. Hydrating and Calming Solution Toner

2. Hydrating Regeneration and whitening Solution Cream

3. Anti-age, Anti-wrinkle, Whitening Hydrating Solution Ampoule

4. PH-Balanced Pure & Moisture Cleanser
6SINSUNG ITNwww.vanhalla.co.kr

1. CICA Calm Mist Toner

2. Ceramide Moisturizing Essence in Toner

3. CICA Calm Serum in Cream

4. Ceramide Moisturizing Essence in Cream
7NOVA MED INTLwww.exsolu.net

* Injectable Grade Cosmetics Solution (Exosome Series)

1. Freeze-drying Exosome (Pure Exosome 280 million Nano Particles)

2. Exosome+32 Ingredients (Double Effect for Skin Glowing & Rejuvenation)

3. Methionyl R-Clostridium Botulinum Polypeptide-1 Hexapeptide-40

4. Hair Boost Solution (For Hair Growth & Loss)

* Innovative Aesthetic Tool

1. Magnesium Applicator

1. Eoyumi Liquid Shampoo

2. Eoyumi Oriental Herb Treatment

3. Good Morning Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

4. Cornus Fruit Acid Repair Shampoo

5. Cornus Fruit Acid Repair Conditioner

6. Color with Shampoo

7. Oriental Herb Boyun Essence

8. Soft Essence Plus

9. Ezekiel Curling Shine Essence

10. Oriental Herb Hair Gel

11. Oriental Herb Hair Spray

12. Hair Color Cream
9BEAUTY CHANNELwww.itisbelle.com

1. Eyelash Extension

2. Eyelash Extension Glue

3. Glue Remover

4. Eyelash Care

5. Volume Mascara

6. Lash Shampoo

7. Lash Cleanser

8. Eye Gel Patch

9. Eyelash Extension Tools

1. Claigio Flexible LED Patch

2. C-Holic Skinbooster

We look forward to welcoming you to the K-Care & Crave Showcase 2024: Malaysia Edition and facilitating meaningful connections that drive mutual success.

Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

COASEAN by Goodhill (Korea Centre) Pte Ltd

T: +65 6362 3512

E: info@coasean.com

W: www.coasean.com