Our Service
What you can expect from us?
  • Pre-event management.
  • Exhibition booth design & construction.
  • Graphics & digital presentations.
  • Storage & shipment of trade show materials.
  • Event public relations support.
  • On-site supervision during events.
  • Special events organize (press conferences, receptions, etc.).
CO-MICE. You join the event, we do the rest

Participating in Trade Shows, Expos, Festivals, Seminars, Exhibitions, Conventions, Conferences, Fairs and Swap Meets is one of the best ways to promote your business. However, planning for the events can be stressful, but we are here to help you by offering you the complete, comprehensive trade show and event management.


Our goal is to generate more booth traffic and brand awareness at the event. Our insight, knowledge, and experience help you prepare and support in event management so that you can focus on selling.


When we handle an event, you simply arrive, relaxed and ready to start selling or promoting. We have experience in planning and executing the following event types:

1. Pavilions in exhibitions & Tradeshow

2. Sales meetings

3. Seminar & conferences

4. Product Promotion & Festival Fair

5. In-store demonstrations

6. Shopping mall fair

7. Roadshow

What you can expect from us?
  • Target market entry strategy.
  • Specific trade information of the target market.
  • Competitor analysis of target market.
  • Local expert evaluation & suggestion
CO-NSULTATION. In-depth market information & advisory on business strategies.  

Market consultation exists to guide your business decisions by giving you insight into your market, your competitors, your products, your marketing, and your customers. By enabling you to make informed choices, our market consultation report will help you develop a successful marketing strategy.


1. Target market entry strategy

* Advice on market dynamics and potential business opportunities.

* Examine market structure and size, trends, sectors development.

* Recommend the most appropriate mode of entry and business model.


2. Specific trade information of the target market

Provide sector-specific trade regulations and import procedures, key legislation & rules, customs & import procedures, tariffs, product packaging & labeling guidelines, accreditation & certification, as well as useful contact information.


3. Competitor analysis of the target market

Provide a snapshot of key competitors in the market. This includes general contact information of these companies, their marketing strategies, product/ servicing offerings, key channels, end-buyers, pricing information (applicable for retail products only), and price sensitivity analysis of the market.


4. Local expert evaluation & suggestion

To deepen the understanding of the target market, an in-depth interview with a local leading distributor will be arranged to go beyond what can be uncovered through secondary research alone. This expert will review the product in real life in order to provide the suggestion that answers questions relevant solely to your company.

What you can expect from us?
  • Understand your needs and requests details.
  • Full contact details, profiles and reasons for selection of the recommended companies.
  • Confirm interest and 1-1 meeting appointment arrangement with selected buyers.
  • Detailed report for the business matching outcomes and follow-up suggestions.
  • Interpretation & translation for meetings and documents.
CO-MATCH. How to expand your business into ASEAN?

It's a region of vast commercial potential, from its soaring economic growth and burgeoning middle class to its ideal geographical position, relative political stability, and impressive trade agreements. However, doing business in ASEAN has its challenges, especially the SMEs.


If you are interested in taking your business into ASEAN, it is crucial you have us to address some of the main hurdles you will need to overcome the succeed.


The Co-Match program aims at addressing challenges faced by SMEs on ASEAN market due to the high upfront costs and the lack of detailed knowledge about ASEAN markets and competitors. This program targeted at export-ready companies or high potential exporting companies venturing into ASEAN markets. The program will provide customized advisory and marketing assistance to significantly assists you in expanding your business into ASEAN smoothly.

What you can expect from us?
  • Trade mission management.
  • Business matching event.
  • Investment attraction.
  • Study trip or fact-finding missions.
  • Local TACs visit and networking.
  • Governor-led business trips.
  • Hosted buyer programs.
  • Intelligence & research.
CO-TACs. We are stronger when we are united.

Trade associations and chambers (TACs) are key enablers in enterprise upgrading and industry development. It plays a proactive role in helping companies enhance their competitiveness and capture new growth opportunities.


TACs keen to drive capability development and internationalization projects can tap on our TACs services to help their SMEs grow locally and overseas.


COASEAN works with Korean TACs for a comprehensive representation of the business community. Some of the key collaborations between COASEAN and the TACs include strengthening collaboration among the TACs, export promotion, investment attraction as well as establish long-lasting business collaborations between the companies in ASEAN.

What you can expect from us?
  • Identify suitable suppliers and products.
  • Assists to get the best pricing and payment terms.
  • Arrange for you to choose and test from multiple suppliers' samples.
  • International trade information advice.
  • Ease communications such as interpretation & translation.
CO-PROCUREMENT. Assistance in sourcing & procurement of quality overseas products.

ASEAN is already a major manufacturing hub, which account for about 5% of global manufacturing (in value-added terms), which dominant shares in sub-sectors such as chemicals, food and beverage, garments, metals, and motor vehicles.


Over the years, there has been a significant expansion in the activities related to sourcing from ASEAN. In fact, sourcing from ASEAN which can offer a lower cost is no longer a strategic advantage but is increasingly turning into a competitive necessity.


Our Co-Procurement service helps the international buyers or EPC who look for qualified products suppliers to eliminate the following issues:


1. Lack of insight into the local market and true supply chain costs.


2. Inability to negotiate the best prices for goods and services.


3. The absence of secure and optimum structure to source products.


4. Cultural and language differences which obstruct communication.

What you can expect from us?
  • Create brand awareness to ASEAN consumer through advertisement.
  • Graphic design and help your product speak in local language.
  • Licensing, warehouse & logistic services.
  • Generate sales through ASEAN digitize marketplace.
  • ASEAN customer insights through tracking and analytics.
  • After sales services coverage.
CO-TRADE. Leveraging technology for better business.

We enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell, operate and improve their efficiencies. We provide the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses to leverage the power of e-commerce to engage their users and customers and operate in a more efficient way.


COASEAN has worked for brands for over 7 years and understands the challenges of choosing the right vendors and partners. We help companies who are looking to transfer from traditional business into digital commerce and promote the products to ASEAN consumers through social media and marketplace stores.

CO-INTERPRETER. Korean interpreter Who understand business protocol & manner 

COASEAN has worked with wide range of ASEAN interpreter and have broad networks with quality interpreter database who understanding business protocol, manner and practice of SEA market. 

We provide Best Korean Speaking Interpreter arrange service for private meeting, Trade mission, Exhibition for SEA market